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By IgniterSpace

076 148 0581

Mom, Look... I made it!


Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Engineering Kit delivered to your doorstep  

6 - 7 year olds
8 - 10 year olds
11 - 13 year olds

What are


CreatoKit is a Engineering to develop Technology Skills, Creativity & the  Innovativeness of children.


Each Kit contains 6 activities  (3 Mechatronics and 3 Coding) and all equipment & tools required. Activities are different based on Age Group. Refer below.


Initial kit is priced at LKR 5,490 including all components, tools, videos, guides and other learning/play material.










  Complete Toolset Included
  6 Activities in every kit
 Cash On Delivery

What is in the Kit?

How does CreatoKits work?

Signup Online

We deliver to your doorstep

Make and have fun at home

Now I have my own MAKERSPACE at home !!

What is in the pack?

Inspiring Innovators... The CreatoKits Way!

Tested with 1000s of young makers


All of the activities are tested and proven at our physical MakerSpace environment by 1000s of young makers.

Well crafted & connected syllabus


Unlike ad-hoc assembly packs, CreatoKits subscription takes a systematic approach to technology education.

Deal with the real thing, not toys


Let children work with real world stuff, not with crafted toy material. Guide to make innovations using what is accessible around.

Wide exposure over

narrow focus


If you want your child to be a just fit for today's jobs, teach her just 'software programming'. But if you need her to prepare for tomorrow's world, give her a variety of exposure. 

Our activities are diverse and provide a broader learning experience to prepare them for the unknown tomorrow.

Be a maker, not an



Creating something original can never be about 'assembling' readymade parts, but about mending and bending real world material that is accessible around you.


This is why our innovation kits are mostly raw and contain material that can be found at the household to let kids experience originality of the creation.


over just following


If we expect our children to be 'correct' all the time, they will not take a chance to try something new and original. Courage to create something new and original is the most fundamental step of innovation.


Our activities encourage children to work beyond of the mandated guidelines and attempt to experiment alternative ways to innovate.

Learnability over knowledge


Knowledge is important, but perishable, knowledge today is outdated tomorrow. We believe it is the skill of effectively 'acquiring knowledge', most important.


Our activity guide documents (textual/video) are made to encourage children to self explore and understand the concepts, to improve learnability.

Our mission is to make creative education accessible for every child. 


No one should be left out from the future!

  We are by far the  most  

  valuable online education  

  subscription available !    


+94 76 148 0581


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